This page contains all the links to the curriculum pages of SYP.

The 2012 SYP curriculum is broken down into (4) 30-day modules

Mod #1 - Jan-Feb

SYP BootCamp (new in 2012)
Square Inch Anthropology (new in 2012)
Artifact Analysis/Synthesis (new in 2012)

Annotated Bibliography is a great first step in filtering all the initial research. This process helps you build authority of your given topic. You will use all the powers of evaluation and analysis to craft the most useful Annotated Artifacts.

Literature Review is a critical step in the SYP journey. Use this page to understand the function and the proper form of a good Lit Review

IRT (Initial Research Topic) - An SYP tradition! Leave a legacy with your IRT!

Mod #2 - March

Next Steps are the Advance Research Workshops, aka the ARW

ARW 1 - the SYP way to organize the plan of the mantra "dream big and sweat the small stuff"

ARW 2 - the process of critical research reading

ARW 3 - the process of critical research writing

Mod #3 - April


Mod #4 - May

Presentation ZEN


Wiki Checklist