Here you will find a list of resources for you and your project

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) -
This is one of the best and most complete Writing Centers on the web. Most, if not all of your writing questions can be answered here. If OWL says so, you can trust it.

//Research Strategies// -
William Badke wrote a refreshingly honest research guide and offers this resource online with concrete examples of an authentic research process.

NNHS Library Learning Commons
Our very own award-winning library website is a treasure trove of wonder and intellectual delights. Use it everyday and you will be successful.

Click here to see the process and products of SYP's history and evolution
Zita Polgar (SYS'10) created this incredible web site as part of her research on Nature Deficit Disorder. is an outstanding resource for reconnecting with nature. Visit the website, learn a lot, and then get out side and enjoy nature - the "Naturebug" way.

Newton's Lab of NPS -
This is the innovation of lab of the Newton Public Schools.

Greengineers at NNHS -
Another NNHS innovation, check it out. The Greengineers are bootleg biodiesel brewers for a better world. We also greengineer solutions that support the planet and the people.

Rebecca Kantar (link to Rebecca's SYP page), NNHS, SYP '10 and Senior Year Scholar has won the TEDx YSE (Young Social Entrepeneur) grand prize. Here's her award wining TEDxYSE talk, filmed in Washington D.C. in November 2010.

Hybrid / Online research for SYP - this page is just a place to put information on creating successful online programs.

Readers - this page is for the faculty readers to get information or join in on great discussions