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Week 5
Questions on the lit review
What are the keywords you are using to find information? What disciplines are you searching in for your sources?
Who are what sources disagree with your perspective?
What controversies did you find in the 'literature'? How did this change your focus?
Information seeking - how did it go? Did you find a broad enough range of sources to cover the topic? Was your search narrow enough to exclude irrelevant material?

Week 4
So, Last week we discovered a huge gap in the research process. The significance of the "working knowledge" became more critical to refining your research question. This week (2/14) we need to gain serious control of our topic, working knowledge, our handle on the research model, and a really good question. Your Annotated Bibs are due this week please use OWL to figure out what you need.
Post three, new bits-o-information you gained from the "Working Knowledge" process. aka New things that will offer a new direction in your research.
Triage Reading - How will you use Triage reading outside of your SYP work?
Rough Writing - List three strategies you have for efficient note taking
What questions do you have about the Lit Review?

Questions regarding ARW 2 - post answers, comments, questions in the discussion board above
Working Knowledge -Regarding your SYP topic, post your Working Knowledge, "who, what, when, where, and maybe even why and how" in no more than 7-9 sentences
Research Model


QUESTION - post answers, comments, questions in the discussion board above

Review the ARW1 page on the wiki. Understand the basic process we've outlined for starting the research project. Tonight, answer the
following question regarding the PURPOSE of your research - "WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR RESEARCH?" - in no more than three sentences.

Who would you like your paper's AUDIENCE to be? and WHY?

How will understanding SCOPE help you draft a BIG 3?

Please post a "working draft" version of your BIG 3

What was the number one 'take-away' from the IRT process? How will that affect your 'revisioning'?

Get inspired....

Here is the New Zodiac Chart!

The Awesome, Brain Friendly Mind-Map!

Another 6 minute presentation. Why French coffee spreads happiness and how to keep and eye on the clock. Watch how the slides add to what he is saying.
Lies, Damned lies, and statistics (about TED talks)

Here's a 6 minute TED talk to inspire you:
William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

7 minutes, 0 slides, 1 ukulele
Jake Shimabukuro plays "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Google Doc Story Assignment (for Wed. 1/26)

Open this document and add to the story.

Working / Saving / Sharing Documents in the Cloud

Google Docs (get a free account with your email)
Dropbox (download this for free and save any file(s) you want, accessible anywhere)

Cool way to take notes and save anything you find for later

EverNote (works with "nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there")