2010 Project Pages

The 2010 Senior Year Project Committee (aka council of elders) have enthusiastically accepted 32 SYP proposals. These proposals represent a wide array of interests from our intrepid Seniors. Upon acceptance, Seniors must begin preparing for their research and the field work long before 3rd Term starts.

Click on the student's name to see more info on their projects. You will be redirected to a new student wiki page. (more to come)

Here's the list -

Proposed Research / Field Work Topics

1. Leah Cepko-American Food Production email: leahcepko@gmail.com
2. Julia B. - Art/Environment email: juliabelamarich@gmail.com
3. Semira A. -Afghan music email: SemiA92@aol.com
4. Brett S. -TV pilot . email: brettsagan@gmail.com
5. Edward P. -Nutrition video email: mega_sk8ter13@yahoo.com
6. Alex T. -Archaeology email: dmitrievich@comcast.net
7. Louis L.-http://civilwarbook.wikispaces.com/ ; louisloftus@earthlink.net
8. Bethany G. -Dog Therapy email: bcgately@aol.com
9. Craig C. -Aviation. Email: craigcestari@yahoo.com
10. Brendan H. -Greengineering - brendanthehathaway@gmail.com

11. Paul B. -Linux music email: ralphbluecoat@gmail.com
12. Aidan B. -Musical Mindset
13. Sam S. -Biodiesel Engineering
14. Coleman W. -Experimental Music
15. Spencer D. -Aquaponics Email: Sportsman9987@yahoo.com

16. Zita P. -Website on Nature Deficit Disorder, username: zpolgar, email: zita@polgarweb.com
17. Eddie M. - FOOD.
18. Kim G. -Gender/sports email: kimmiegil@rcn.com
19. Rebecca K. -Minga Marketing/Cause Marketing
20. Danyah A. -Sri-lanka Club

21. Antonia D. -Art
22. Seth S -Drama/Writing . Email: seth.simons@gmail.com
23. Jordan A. -Drama/Directing Email: jordan.ascher@gmail.com
24. Chris A-L - The Student Technical Director's Handbook/Playwrighting/Light Design. Email: chris.annas.lee@gmail.com
25. Luke M-F. -Music Production http://lucaspaulgerardmarchifrazier.wikispaces.com/

26. Adele L. - Science of Running (adele.levine@yahoo.com)
27. Adam S. -Teenage Tendencies of Love Username: adamschaffer. Email: farva513@gmail.com
28. Mike S. -Trail Building username: msaminsky. Email: msaminsky@gmail.com)

29. Jack H. -Sports Science Username: 508C.hannah Email: jackjdh08@hotmail.com
30. http://fight-the-gap.wikispaces.com/ Email: Ajacqueline52892@yahoo.com
31. Jacob Long- The psychological effects of childhood cancer. .
32. Ryan V. - The CathARTic Experience